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Boy Scout Troop 51
(Frisco, Texas)
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Welcome to Troop 51

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We know what it is like to find a troop. To make it easy, this website is setup as a tool to aid you.  If you have questions about Troop 51, please use the Contact Our Troop link above.
About Troop 51
Troop 51 is Chartered by the First United Methodist Church of Frisco, located at 7659 Preston Road, Frisco, TX (the Northwest corner of Preston Road and Stonebrook/Rolater). The Troop meets Sunday afternoons from 2:30PM to 4:00PM, except for holidays or activity weekends.

Troop 51 is a boy-led Troop. Every boy will have an opportunity to participate in both shared and total leadership. The meetings are planned and carried out by the patrol leaders' council (PLC).The patrol leader gets his direction from the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and assigns all duties for his patrol's activities.  Understanding the concepts of leadership helps the boy accept the leadership of others and helps him to grow into a more responsible adult.

Troop 51 runs an active program year-round and Scouts can expect to master skills in the areas of camping, cooking, first aid, citizenship, pioneering, orienteering, physical fitness, and many more.

The principles of Scouting in Troop 51 are embodied in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. They include:
  • Duty to God and respect for the beliefs of others
  • Loyalty to one's country
  • Friendship and fair play
  • Respect for the dignity of others and for the integrity of the natural world
  • Responsibility for self
  • Progressive self-education based on age-appropriate programs
  • Learning by doing as a member of both large and small groups
Boy Scouting works toward three aims. The first aim is growth in moral strength and character. Character encompasses a boy's personal qualities, values, and outlook.

The second aim is participating citizenship. Used broadly, citizenship means the boy's relationship to others. He comes to learn of his obligations to other people, to the society he lives in, and to the government that presides over that society.

The final aim of Boy Scouting is development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Fitness includes the body (well-tuned and healthy), the mind (able to think and solve problems), and emotions (self control, courage and self-respect).

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